Reading Test & Reading Summary Book


One downloadable book containing 5x Reading Tests & 5x Reading Summaries. (10 Lessons)

  1. Brexit,

  2. Financial Crash,

  3. Gig Economy,

  4. CSR,

  5. Globalisation

Reading Test Book includes teacher notes, a two-page reading text (based on academic journals), a question booklet with a variety of test-type questions (headings match / TFNG / gap fill / information tables, summaries, etc..) and an answer booklet.

Summary Reading Book includes a teacher notes, two-page text, online, key points, model summary, critical reading questions, critical reading answers.


Reading Tests: EAP Reading tests and Reading Lessons. These original Academic Reading tests have been written by AEUK for English University reading tests. The tests are designed to help students improve their reading skills and test their understanding. Theses are essential skills to enhance a student’s reading ability and practice detailed reading techniques. Testing helps students identify what areas they need to focus on to improve this skills

Summary & Writing: EAP reading & summary writing lessons. These original Academic Reading texts / summaries have been written by AEUK for English University reading summary lessons or summary reading tests. The summary writing are designed to enable students to identify the key points and supporting details in paragraphs and then to summarise this information into a paragraph. These are essential skills for students to practice in developing writing and reading fro university. The critical thinking questions help develop questioning strategies that can help develop improved analytical and evaluate skills.