Academic Reading Skills

Reading tests

AEUK tests. Academic texts with a variety of question types. Click here.

Reading Summary

AEUK texts. Identify the main points and write a summary. Click here.

Reading Skills

Different texts and exercises to improve reading skills. Click here.

Academic Reading Skills

Academic reading is an active process of reading where the reader interacts with a text through taking notes, making connections between the text through what they already know and what other texts have said, and asking critical questions about the content they read. Academic reading involves a multi-faceted approach of engagement where the reader uses a range of reading strategies (prediction, surveying, skimming, scanning, analysis, reading in detail and summarising) to determine the scope and relevance of a piece and deciding which parts should be read in more depth (Wilson, 2022).

Academic Reading Tests

AEUK academic reading tests have been specifically written for international university students. The texts are based around academic journals and there are a variety of test questions (sub-title matching / T,F,NG / open answers / gap fill / information tables / summary / reference words / vocabulary).

Academic Reading to Writing Summary

AEUK Academic Reading summaries have been specifically written for university reading tests. The texts are based around academic journals and the lesson includes key points with support and a model answer. Also includes a critical thinking worksheet.

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