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EAP Academic Reading Tests

Academic Reading Tests

EAP Reading tests and Reading Lessons. These original Academic Reading tests have been written by AEUK for English University reading tests. The tests consist of teacher notes, a two-page reading text (based on academic journals), a question booklet with a variety of test-type questions (headings match / TFNG / gap fill / information tables, summaries, etc..) and an answer booklet.  There is a set of reading summary lessons based on the same text – Summary Readings.

A reading test example…

The tests are designed to help students improve their reading skills and test their understanding. Theses are essential skills to enhance a student’s reading ability and practice detailed reading techniques. Testing helps students identify what areas they need to focus on to improve this skills

N.B. Not all pages are shown.

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5x Academic Reading Tests

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AEUK Reading Tests

Reading Test: The path to Brexit.

The text discusses the background history of the EU, its three key treaties and the economics of the EU. It then highlights the dissatisfaction of EU policy in the UK that led to the referendum and then explores the future policies of leaving the EU. Summary

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Reading Test: The causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis

The text discusses the background history of the financial crash through focusing on prime and sub-prime mortgage lending. It then explores the key reasons behind the profitable trading systems of that time, highlighting the collapse and then the following banking regulations that were introduced in 2009/2010.

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Reading Test: The Gig Economy

The text discusses the rise of the gig economy and makes an attempt to define exactly what it is. It then highlights key gig companies investigating the importance and limitations of this new contemporary employment platform. Finally, it puts forward the future challenges of the gig economy for employees, employers and society.

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Reading Test: CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

The text discusses the popularity of CSR and its historical evolution from the 1950s. It highlights the key values associated with effective CSR policies and examines the key challenges of implementing it. Finally, the author points out that there are still a number of areas that need to be addressed regarding transparency and better legislation.

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Reading Test: Globalisation: International Trade.

The text defines the key points associated to globalization. It discusses the disparity of progression of trade between countries and highlights the integration of in-ward and out- ward looking policies. It finally points out that three key areas of international globalization are imperative for the economic growth of a country.


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5x Academic Writing Summaries

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Academic Reading Tests & Writing Summaries

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